Thoughts About
Spiritual Warfare
Area Indoctrination Briefing
Part 33 of 34

Rockey Jackson, September 27, 2003

Assembly Instructions

Each reader may of course print out and assemble the briefing in any way they prefer. Here is the way I did it. The entire briefing with the Appendices and Addendum fills a one and one half inch binder when printed on both sides of the paper. If printed on only one side it would require a three inch binder but would probably work better divided into two or three volumes. It will require thirty-two tabs to completely divide the briefing. That’s four packets containing eight tabs each like we were all familiar with in school. This is what mine looked like.

There are labels for the tabs that can be printed out on the next web page "Spline and Tabs." Take the first four tabs and set them aside. In the next four put ‘Table of Contents,’ ‘Copyright and disclaimers,’ ‘Forward,’ and in the fourth you can put anything you’d like. Then take the first two tabs of the ones you’ve set aside and put ‘Briefing’ and ‘Appendices.’ Take the first four tabs from the second package and turn them over, top to bottom. In these, put ‘Satan’s Bio,’ ‘Serpent/Jezebel,’ ‘Behemoth/Goliath,’ and ‘Basilisk/Haman.’ Then in the remaining four put ‘Leviathn/Caiaphas,’ ‘Dragon/Antichrist,’ ‘Lists of Five,’ and then set the fourth one aside (it will be the last one used). Take the third tab from the stack that was set aside and put ‘Addenda’ in it. Now open the third package of tabs and turn the first four tabs over, top to bottom. In these four tabs put ‘Lucifer,’ ‘Satan,’ ‘Devil,’ and ‘Abaddon & Apollyon.’ Then take the other four tabs and put ‘Belial,’ ‘Baal to Beelzebub,’ ‘Serpent,’ and ‘Behemoth’ in them. Now open the last package of tabs and again take the first four tabs and turn them over top to bottom. In the first four tabs put ‘Basilisk,’ ‘Leviathn,’ ‘Dragon,’ and ‘Jezebel.’ Then in the other four tabs put ‘Goliath,’ ‘Haman,’ ‘Caiaphas,’ and ‘Antichrist.’ In the fourth tab that was set aside put ‘Index.’ Finally, flip over the last tab that was set asside and put anything you might want in it. When finished, it should look like the example above.

Mountain Goats

These mountain goats are part of a herd that ranges along the Continental Divide in Colorado. They were used for the banner of the "Area Indoctrination Briefing" because of the obvious association of Satan with goats.