Thoughts About
Spiritual Warfare
Area Indoctrination Briefing
Part 7 of 34

Rockey Jackson, April 24, 2011

Introduction to the Appendices

The seven appendices are encyclopedias that provide background data and supporting rationale for the various items contained in the briefing. Each appendix and every item can stand alone and they do not need to be read in any particular order. It was my goal to make the information easy to find whenever it is needed. I would, however, greatly encourage everyone to read at least what each alignment of spirits steals, kills, and destroys. I believe that this provides the method of operation for each alignment of evil spirits and it is perhaps the most important information to come out of this study.

The first appendix is a small overview of Satan, giving his names, titles, and a short biography. I kept this appendix small because there have been many books written about Satan already and the thrust of this study was the organization of the demons under his command. The next five appendices detail the five alignments of spirits that comprise the kingdom of darkness. The last appendix looks at the data in the previous five appendices from another angle. Here, the items from the five alignments are brought together so they may be viewed in one place. Many of the items came directly from the scriptures on the reptiles and the personifications, but others came from scriptures that contained a list of five items (and in some cases a compilation of scriptures that provided a complete list of five). In the later cases where there is a specific list of five items, I’ve provided the references and the reasons why I associated them with each alignment of spirits. For each entry in the appendices, I tried to provide a specific proof text for support. In most cases I was able to do so, but in a few cases I’ve stated my conclusion without specific scriptural support.

Here is the list of entries contained in each of the last six appendices:


I Will Statement



Empowering Curse



Root Sin

Other Roots



Rules Over Darkness In

Manifests In The World As


Steals, Kills, and Destroys

Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream

Daniel’s Dream

Canaanite People Group

Midianite Prince

Amorite King

Philistine City



Below I’ve provided some introductory remarks for each of the entities listed above.

Introduction: I’ve provided a short summary introduction for each of the appendices that states the motivation, mission, and method of operation for that alignment of spirits.

I Will Statement: Lucifer’s five “I Will” statements come from Isaiah 14:12-14. It would seem that they tell us the basic motivation or mission for each of the five alignments of spirits.

Reptile: The five reptile representations of Satan came out of the study of his various names. As are most Christians, I was already aware that the Bible used some reptiles to metaphorically represent the Devil. But I wasn’t aware, before I did this study, that there are five of them and that they each seem to lead an alignment of evil spirits in the fulfillment of Satan’s five “I Will” statements.

Archetype: The five archetypes became apparent as I studied the reptiles and their personifications. Four of the five archetypes had curses directly associated with them. I believed that these curses empowered the corresponding principality of spirits, but I didn't want to include them until I found the fifth curse.

Empowering Curse: Four of the five empowering curses were given to their respective archetypes. The fifth, however, had to be found by searching the scriptures. The curse of human government (servitude) was not found in scripture with Nimrod, who was the first to establish a kingdom of man in opposition to the kingdom of God. In the scriptures, the curse of servitude that comes from the government of man is not revealed until the book of First Samuel when Israel rejects the kingdom of God and demands a king to rule over them.

Personification: The personifications allow us to see how these alignments of spirits motivate and energize flesh and blood individuals to perform their work in the world. In the forward I told how Jezebel and Goliath came to be identified as two of my original strongmen. When I realized that personifications were a type unto themselves in this study, I identified three others in the Bible that personified the traits of the other three strongmen and the alignment of spirits that were developing with them.

Aliases: I have only listed a few aliases for each alignment of spirits. I certainly don’t know all of the names that these spirits go by. Please feel free to add aliases to the list as you map your local area and discover the enemy organization that opposes the church where you live.

Root Sin: As I studied the scriptures on each reptile and its corresponding personification, one particular sin would emerge as the primary root of sin that energized that alignment of spirits.

Other Roots: I believe that every sin is available to each of the five alignments of spirits. However, it would seem reasonable that certain sins would be more useful to the specific mission of each alignment and therefore more prevalent with each one. I have not tried to provide complete lists. These are simply the other roots of sin that I found in the scriptures on the reptiles and the personifications.

Principality: Territorial spirits are suggested by the use of “principalities” in Ephesians 6:12. A demon by any name might be the territorial strongman (prince) over any given area. But I believe that a little research would reveal that the principality over any given territory is in fact a member of one of the five alignments revealed here and that members of the other four alignments support his work in the local area.

Ephesians 6:12 also suggests a definite hierarchy in Satan’s kingdom when it says: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” In this research, I did not try to establish a rank and file for each demonic entity. As the research progressed, it was the five alignments that were revealed, not a specific rank order. I do not doubt, however, that there is a rank order among Satan’s subordinates.

Power: Each alignment of spirits has a primary source of power that it uses to work its evil in the world. These became evident as I studied the reptiles and the personifications. Just as there are other roots of sin that support the primary root, I do not doubt that there are powers beyond the primary ones that are used by Satan’s five strongmen.

Rules Over Darkness In: It simply became obvious as the study progressed that each alignment of spirits had been assigned to corrupt one primary area in the affairs of man.

Manifests In The World As: The work performed by each of these alignments of spirits may be said to manifest in the world in a specific form that can be seen and felt. The ones that have been identified are general in nature and may be broken down into a nearly infinite number of specific instances.

Weapons: The list of weapons used by these alignments of spirits is not complete. They are only the ones that I identified while studying the scriptures on the reptiles and the personifications. It is reasonable to believe that different weapons would be more useful to each alignment and its different mission.

Steals, Kills, and Destroys: Each alignment of spirits uses the same method of operation over and over again to achieve the desired results of their particular assignment. These were found in the scriptures on the reptiles and personifications. I believe that this section is one of the most important revelations that I discovered in the course of this study. If you don’t read anything else in the appendices, I do hope that you will take the time to read these. One way to identify a specific thief is to observe his method of operation. If you recognize his method of operation, then you will be sure to know which strongman you’re fighting.

Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream, Daniel’s Dream, Canaanite People Group, Midianite Prince, Amorite King, Philistine City, and Giant: Each of these came from a specific scripture passage that identified a list of five entities that opposed the purposes of God in a specific instance. I’m sure that a thorough search of the scriptures would provide several more.

Opposes: I was led to consider that each of these strongmen might oppose one of the five-fold ministries of the Lord Jesus Christ by the fact that Jezebel opposed and murdered God’s true prophets.

In the "Preface" I told how I came to be aware of five strongmen who have always opposed us in the church. In the briefing I referred to them as Satan’s five lieutenants who oppose the purposes of God. As I began the research, I simply expected to see what the Bible would reveal about these five strongmen. However, as the research progressed and I saw how many times lists of five entities appeared in opposition to the purposes of God, I came to a much stronger belief that these are the five principle strongmen that we should look for in every location and every situation. That doesn’t mean that there are no other entities in Satan’s organization outside of these five. Just like military organizations may have auxiliary and support units, so also it may be possible that Satan has some specialized demonic organizations under his command, but the five alignments that I’ve revealed here definitely make up the vast majority of his army.

These research notes are introductory in nature and do not exhaust the subject. I believe that many will be called to take a small portion and build more complete works based on the simple foundation established here.

Mountain Goats

These mountain goats are part of a herd that ranges along the Continental Divide in Colorado. They were used for the banner of the "Area Indoctrination Briefing" because of the obvious association of Satan with goats.