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Area Indoctrination Briefing
Part 15 of 34

Rockey Jackson, April 24, 2011

Introduction to the Addenda

The addenda contain the scripture references used in the research for the Area Indoctrination Briefing. They also include definitions for the entities that are the subjects of the addenda. There are sixteen addenda. The first six contain scriptures with the various names and titles of the enemy commander: Lucifer, Satan, Devil, Abaddon & Apollyon, Belial, and Baal to Beelzebub. The next five contain the scriptures of the reptilian representations of Satan: Serpent, Behemoth, Basilisk, Leviathan, and Dragon. The last five addenda contain the scriptures on the five personifications: Jezebel, Goliath, Haman, Caiaphas, and the Antichrist.

I have not made an exhaustive search of the scriptures to find every possible verse on this subject. I’ve used a concordance and a computer search engine. That means that what I’ve found was based on prior knowledge, the search of a specific book of the Bible, a search based on a specific word, and in some cases, I believe, divine guidance. There are many more verses containing other words or allusions to the subject that could be added. There were many “bunny trails” that I could have followed but didn’t because I wanted to keep the task manageable. So although we don’t have an exhaustive study, we do have a decent introduction and a good start. I recommend these addenda to anyone who wants a fuller Biblical understanding of this subject. They should be particularly helpful as a starting baseline for those who want to do more exhaustive research in some aspect of spiritual warfare.

An index follows the addenda. It contains all of the items that I noted as I went through these scriptures. It was from these items that I drew the contents of the Area Indoctrination Briefing and its appendices.

Mountain Goats

These mountain goats are part of a herd that ranges along the Continental Divide in Colorado. They were used for the banner of the "Area Indoctrination Briefing" because of the obvious association of Satan with goats.