The Banner Pictures

The banners were extracted from the full sized pictures in this gallery.

Glory On The Mountains

This picture reminds me that the world may be in darkness and storms may be approaching, but at the same time God's glory is shining on His saints. It was Memorial Day weekend in 2009. We were taking an ATV ride on Aspen Ridge in the Arkansas Hills North of Salida, Colorado. Thunder storms began rolling in from the West over the Southern Sawatch Range and across the Arkansas River Valley. At one point a hole in the clouds allowed the sun to illuminate the summits of Mount Shavano (14,229 ft.) and Mount Antero (14,269 ft.) It seemed like a good time to take a picture.

The Radiant Cross

The early morning Sun and clouds are making a radiant cross over the ocean. I needed a banner for the Foundation Series, but I didn't have anything that I liked. I asked the Lord for a photo and within a couple hours I saw this one. Could there be anything more appropriate than the cross for a series of fundamental Christian topics? There was enough information so I could contact the photographer and gain permission to use the photo. It was taken by Gary Jones at Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, Georgia, USA. 


The Ruby Range looking down on a very calm Lake Irwin. We were on a mid-summer picnic at Lake Irwin. It is west of Crested Butte, Colorado and 2-3 miles north of Kebler Pass. As we walked around the lake shore, the fir trees framed this picture of the lake with the Ruby Range for a background. I think it made a pretty picture. I choose it as the banner for the "Spiritual and Emotional Healing Toolbox" because it reminds me of the pleasure God must feel when He looks down on His serene children after they have been spiritually and emotionally healed.

Mountain Goats

These mountain goats are part of a herd that ranges along the Continental Divide in the area South of Keystone and East of Breckenridge, Colorado. I put them on the banner of the "Area Indoctrination Briefing" because of the obvious association of Satan with goats. This seems to be giving them a bad rap though. Every time I've come upon the herd, they have been quite docile. Usually, they meander slowly away. On occasion, I've had individuals walk right up to me. I guess that sometimes they're as interested in me as I am in them. I took this picture while I was on an ATV ride with a friend in August of 2010.

Pine Cones, the Chaff of Pine Trees

These pine cones are the worthless chaff of the pine tree that are left behind after they have released their pine seeds. That is why I put them on the banner for my article that asks the question, "Why is there chaff in my wheat?" I had stopped to take pictures of wild flowers, while I was on an ATV ride in the old gold mining district West of Central City, Colorado in July of 2009. I just happened to look down and saw this pretty collection of pine cones. So camera in hand, I took a picture.

The Narrow Path to Glory

Framed by the fall gold of the aspen leaves, this four wheel drive road reminds me of the narrow path to glory. That is why I put it on the banner for my article on the timing of the Rapture. This road goes over Schofield Pass between Crested Butte and Marble, Colorado. I was on an ATV ride in September 2010 when I took the picture.

Rockey and Karen Jackson

It was February and we were making a road trip through western Colorado. We stopped in Glenwood Canyon and took this picture while we were there. It is the banner on the About page.

Friends At The Cabin On Wise Mountain

Family, friends, great scenery, and interesting cultural objects are all of the reasons why I own a camera. A friend and I were on an ATV ride in August, 2010 in the area South of Keystone and East of Breckenridge, Colorado when we stopped to take this picture at the cabin on the top of Wise Mountain. The Ten Mile Range is in the background and you can see the ski slopes at Breckenridge if you look close. Oh, by the way, I'm the one on the left.

Living Water

The Word of the Lord is like living water to my soul. That is why I picked this pretty little water feature for the banner of the Chat Room page, so we could sit and talk in the cool shade. I was on an ATV ride in September, 2010 and this little water fall was right along side of the road. It was in Lead King Basin, Northeast of Marble, Colorado.

Wild Iris And A Butterfly

This is just a pretty picture of a wild iris and a butterfly. I took this picture in July, 2009. We were on an ATV ride in the old silver mining district North of Bonanza, Colorado. I was taking some pictures of wild flowers while we were eating a snack and exploring the ruins of the Legal Tender mine. My wife pointed out the butterfly and the fallen log made a good backdrop for the picture. It is usually hard to get pictures of butterflies because they are so easily frightened away. This one was far more interested in the iris than it was afraid of me. The wild iris were a bit past their prime, especially the one the butterfly was on. However, they still made a nice picture.