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Spiritual Warfare
Area Indoctrination Briefing
Part 4 of 34

Rockey Jackson, September 27, 2003

Copyright and Disclaimers

Copyright: I am a bondservant in the household of the Lord Jesus Christ. This work was researched, organized, and written under His commission and belongs to my Lord. I am an unprofitable servant, who has only done that which was my duty to do. Therefore, this briefing is not copyrighted and it is placed in the public domain so the information may be used and distributed as widely as possible. No further permission is required to quote from this work, use portions of it in derivative works, or to even remove the author’s name and put your own name on it. If others are able to get this information to more people than I have, then I simply pray that God will reward each of us appropriately for what we’ve done.

Scripture References: All scripture references are quoted from the King James Version of the Holy Bible and they are also in the public domain. They were extracted from the free Bible study program e-Sword that can be downloaded from The conventions for capitalization and punctuation have changed considerably since this edition of the King James Version of the Bible was published. However, no attempt has been made to update them in this work.

Subject Matter: This briefing is the personal view of the author. I came to the conclusions I did because of the way I approached the subject, the questions I asked, and the scriptures I studied. It is only a small slice of the subject of spiritual warfare. Others may view spiritual warfare from different perspectives, ask different questions, come to completely different conclusions, and be just as correct as I believe I am. The briefing contains several mappings from Biblical lists of five items to alignments of spirits in the kingdom of darkness. Some of them are quite speculative in nature, so caution is called for in their application. If you believe they are helpful, then use them. If you don’t think they fit, then please disregard them. If you think they should be rearranged, then feel free to arrange them, as you like.

Revisions: This publication is really just a collection of my research notes on the organization of Satan’s kingdom. It has reached a maturity level such that I’m willing to share it with others. I wouldn’t say that it’s complete, and still I don’t know that I will ever work on it further. If I do publish revisions, I will note a revision date on the title page and update the date in the header of the revised sections.

Communicating With The Author: If you’d care to share your insights on this subject with the author, you may send email to

Mountain Goats

These mountain goats are part of a herd that ranges along the Continental Divide in Colorado. They were used for the banner of the "Area Indoctrination Briefing" because of the obvious association of Satan with goats.