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I'm Rockey Jackson, a bond servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is my place for sharing my blog and a few articles that I've written over the years. They are the results of my personal research and beliefs. I don't represent any religious organization and I don't demand agreement with my point of view. I've written a short description for each article below, so please select one and enjoy it today.

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Deliverance from Self-Righteousness

This is the transcript of a message the Lord had me create. It draws heavily from material in the Foundation Series. It has a threefold purpose:

  1. To minister deliverance to the Self-righteous and those who may be bound in some way by the teachings or doctrines of self-righteous religion.
  2. To affirm, liberate and empower God's Redeemed Saints.
  3. To invite all who haven't done so to enter into a submitted relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

I hope to have a video to share this soon.

Foundation Series

These are short articles on seven fundamental topics. In them I share some of my most basic beliefs.

  1. Saints and Sinners: who they are, where they hang out and how to tell them apart.
  2. How Sinners Become Saints: the plan of salvation and the Ebenezers that commemorate milestones on the road of faith.
  3. Paradise Lost and Found: how someone who is spiritually alive may die spiritually and how to maintain a healthy relationship with God.
  4. Regeneration, Sanctification and Resurrection: three big theological words and how they relate to a person's spirit, soul, and body.
  5. Two Witnesses: Jews and Christians witnessing to the law and grace; how saints and sinners relate to law and grace.
  6. Sowing and Reaping: a look at three spiritual laws and how these spiritual laws effect people.
  7. Interpreting Scripture: some guiding principles for interpreting the Bible.
Bible Stories

The Bible tells us that the things written before are for our learning and that the stories are given as examples to admonish us. Many times in Scripture a story is referenced and the reader is expected to know the details and the meaning of the story. One might even say that understanding the stories is foundational to understanding all of the Bible. In the Bible Stories, we will take a micro look at the details and a macro look at the global truths the story tells. Stories paint a picture in words. By looking at the pictures the words invoke in our minds we will intuitively understand even more than the words convey by themselves. It will bring the intuitive knowledge from the sub-conscience level to the conscience level of our minds. So come on in, everyone is welcome here, it is story time.

Spiritual and Emotional Healing Toolbox

This toolbox is for anyone who has ever thought: "I wish I could help that person with their spiritual wound or emotional pain." If you have been that person, then this toolbox is for you because that's what these tools are for. They are simple ways to bring God and an individual together through interactive prayer to heal their wounds and take away their pain.

Area Indoctrination Briefing
(An Intelligence Primer for Soldiers in the Army of God)

Have you ever wondered what you're up against in spiritual warfare? How the enemy is organized? What his motivation, mission, and method of operation might be? The "Area Indoctrination Briefing" summarizes all of this in eight short pages that anyone can carry with them in their Bible. Then it's backed up with one hundred and thirty pages of background material in seven appendices and one hundred and fifty pages of supporting scripture references in sixteen addenda. These are my research notes on the organization of the kingdom of darkness. I believe that this study will benefit everyone who reads the briefing and references the supporting materials. It should also prove to be an invaluable aid to intercessors, spiritual mappers, and all of God's other spiritual warriors.

Why Is There Chaff in My Wheat?
(And Why Is Revival So Messy?)

There are reports of isolated outbreaks of revival in the land. Rumors of miracles and changed lives are circulating. It's said that people are being overcome by the power of God and falling down in a jumble on the floor. There are rumors of strange manifestations that come in too much variety to recount them all. It has been said that meetings have been interrupted and speakers have been unable to finish their messages when the power and glory of God has settled down upon them. By all accounts it is very disorderly and messy. Is this right? Should it be this way? Because I've visited several of the revival sites, a friend asked me what I thought about the manifestations that are accompanying the current revival. This article was my answer. It draws both from the Bible and from my life.

The Case of the Missing Saints
(A Biblical Investigation into the Mystery of the Rapture)

Paul introduces the Rapture as a mystery in his first letter to the Corinthian church, so this article takes the format of a mystery investigation. Each scripture passage concerning the Rapture is searched for clues to answer the questions: "Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How?" The Bible is allowed to tell its own story, no one's pet theory is protected, and the results just might surprise you! As I've studied the Rapture over the years, I've found each author to be passionate and persuasive concerning their conclusions. I also found them to be even more persuasive when they pointed out the problems in other theories. When I studied all of the scriptures concerning the Rapture, I came to a different conclusion. One that didn't totally agree with any of the popular teachings, but it did solve all of the problems. Even if you don't come to the same conclusion that I did, at least you will have examined all of the Biblical evidence concerning the Rapture. So, "Come Watson! The game is afoot."

Glory On The Mountains

The banner picture reminds me that the world may be in darkness and storms may be approaching,  but at the same time God's glory is shining on His saints.

Deliverance from Self-righteousness:

Deliverance from Self-righteousness

Spiritual and Emotional Healing:

Spiritual and Emotional Healing Toolbox