Thoughts About
Fundamental Things
Afterword to the Foundation Series

The articles in this series are just short introductions to the topics they explore. They are like CliffsNotes. Many books have been written on each major point. Hopefully these essays have provided the reader a macro view of some important points of Biblical structure along with a micro view of some details. If so, then they should provide redeemed saints a better foundation to understand the Bible and God's plan of salvation. Through it all I hope the readers were affirmed, liberated and empowered in their relationship with the Lord.

I am a bond servant of our Lord Jesus Christ and I give these articles with my love. Thank you for reading my essays and considering my thoughts. If you found them worthwhile, then please share them with your friends and relatives.

May You Be Blessed and Highly Favored,

Rockey Jackson

 The Radiant Cross

This radiant cross was captured at driftwood beach on Jekyll Island, Georgia, U.S.A. There is nothing more fundamental to the Christian faith than the cross of Calvary.