Thoughts About
Fundamental Things
Preface to the Foundation Series

The Foundation Series contains seven short articles that each expound on one fundamental topic important to God's redeemed saints. These are my personal beliefs. They do not represent any religious organization or theological school of thought. No one is required to agree with my views. The seven articles are:

1. “Saints and Sinners” – definitions and distinctions between the two groups

2. “How Sinners Become Saints” – the road to salvation and the Ebenezer’s set up along the way

3. “Paradise Lost and Found” – how a redeemed saint may die spiritually and how to maintain a healthy relationship with the Lord

4. “Regeneration, Sanctification and Resurrection” – how the redeemed saint’s spirit, soul and flesh relate to these three big theological terms

5. “Two Witnesses” – law and grace, what they mean to redeemed saints

6. “Sowing and Reaping” – some thoughts about spiritual laws

7. “Interpreting Scripture” – explores many aspects of scriptural interpretation.

The Lord led me to write these articles for four purposes. First it was an academic exercise to clarify my thoughts as I wrote them down. Second it was to provide a written statement of my foundational beliefs for those who want to join with me in the harvest. It’s only fair to let them know if we are in harmony or if they should choose a different field in which to serve our Lord. Thirdly, it was for all of God’s redeemed saints to affirm, liberate and empower them in their faith and service. Finally, it was for those who have a heart for God but don't want religion. These articles should give them the foundation needed to become redeemed saints without requiring them to cross the “stained glass barrier.”

Rockey Jackson

 The Radiant Cross

This radiant cross was captured at driftwood beach on Jekyll Island, Georgia, U.S.A. There is nothing more fundamental to the Christian faith than the cross of Calvary.